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What is your libido?

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What is your libido?

The libido is also known as your sexual desire or sex drive. Everyone has a libido, although each person’s libido level varies. It is possible for a person’s libido, or sexual desire, to be affected or change numerous times over their lifetime.

What can affect or change my libido?
There are many different reasons why a person’s libido can be impacted, including physical and psychological stresses or changes.


• Menopause - A decline in estrogen levels can affect a woman’s libido

• Dyspareunia - Painful sexual intercourse

• Vaginismus - The involuntary contraction/spasm of the vaginal muscles, which makes penetration difficult, if not impossible

• Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding—Changes in hormone levels can increase or decrease sexual desire

• Infections – Yeast infections, urinary tract infections, or a sexually transmitted infection could affect a person’s libido

• Problems with orgasm - Being unable to reach orgasm or to reach it within a reasonable period of time

• Illness - Certain illnesses and their medications can alter a person’s libido


• Depression - Lack of motivation, feeling sad, and withdrawing from activities, including sex

• Performance anxiety - A fear of painful sex, or pressure to have sex or r
each orgasm can decrease libido

• Fatigue - Being too tired to have sex

• Lack of time - Busy schedules could leave insufficient time for intimacy

• Familiarity - It is not uncommon for a couple’s desire for sex to decrease over time

• Relationship problems - Difficulties in a relationship can make a couple’s sexual desire suffer

• Stress - Stress hormones can dampen sexual desire and response

• Certain drugs - Antidepressants, oral contraceptive pills, and certain other prescription drugs, as well as illegal drugs and excessive alcohol use, can lower a person’s libido

• Exercise - Too much or too little can affect the libido

• Traumatic experience - Sexual harassment, sexual abuse, or rape can have an impact on your libido


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