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The Patty Brisben Foundation

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We obviously know I'm a Pure Romance consultant, but did you know why? When I lost my job back in 2008 I started searching for a company that sold Romance products but was much bigger than making money. I wanted to educate and assist women in their sexual health and well being. I didn't have to look hard to find that Pure Romance was the place for me. The owner Patty Brisben was also a strong advocate. She even started a foundation to fund research into sexual health for women!

So here is everything you need to know about the Patty Brisben Foundation.

Patty's Story
Patty Brisben is the CEO and Founder of Pure Romance, Inc., one of the fastest growing woman-to-woman businesses in the world. As the leading party plan company specializing in relationship enhancement products, Pure Romance is improving the quality of sexual health and awareness for women and couples everywhere.
Pure Romance has experienced over a decade of success and Patty has always been a believer that when blessed, one should always find ways to give back to the community. This commitment has led to the creation of The Patty Brisben Foundation.

The Patty Brisben Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization and will work to specifically benefit causes directly related to women and sexual health. 

Working to Enhance Women’s Sexual Health and Well-Being Through Research and Education
The Patty Brisben Foundation supports research to identify information and develop tools that enable women to have appropriate discussions regarding sexual health among themselves, with their family members, relational partners and healthcare providers. The Patty Brisben Foundation pledges to support:

Innovative research that seeks to understand the nature of women’s sexuality and sexual health in today’s society

Much-needed research that seeks to understand how people develop and sustain relationships, seek and obtain information about their bodies and how women in particular manage the complex sexuality issues that arise when faced with a chronic illness

Research and educational programs that seek to improve the extent to which healthcare providers respond to their patients’ sexuality issues 

Our Story
The Patty Brisben Foundation was created to provide continuing education, critically important research and community programming all designed to further enhance the quality of information and health services provided to all women.

According the American Cancer Society, approximately 1,400,000 new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in 2008 and over 50% of those affected say that intimacy after cancer is not addressed by the medical profession. Yet, the lives of these individuals and their spouses are profoundly touched! The Foundation has been established to improve the quality of lives of women impacted by cancer and their families to help improve their overall intimate health.

But women with cancer are not the only ones struggling to cope with intimacy related issues. Women who suffer from chronic illnesses, obesity, body image issues, pain or emotional issues all need a place to turn for help. The Patty Brisben Foundation wants to be that place for all women, but we need your support!

We urge you to join us by making a contribution to the Foundation. We believe the work of this Foundation will result in significant contributions to women’s health and we hope you agree and will join us in this endeavor as we continue to break down barriers and stereotypes surrounding sexuality.

When you are initially diagnosed with cancer your first thought is survival. Your doctors are working so hard to save your life that sometimes it is hard for them to remember that you are also someone’s lover and that they are working so hard to continue your time on this earth. My doctors were my first line of defense. They were the ones that made the difference in my recovery. I looked up to them and they were the ones that answered my questions, but sometimes they didn’t understand what I was going through on a day-to-day basis within my relationship.
As I was going through the various treatments and numerous surgeries, I realized that my new life was beginning. However, I felt like no one had warned me about what was going to happen the months and even years to come. I would have given anything to go back and have someone tell me before my treatment that it was going to be the last time that I would be able to be intimate with my husband as we had for so many wonderful years.

But like with any story, mine, too, has a happy ending. I feel like I have been truly blessed; I work for a company that has supported me through my battle with cancer. What amazes me even more is that they were able to start a non-profit organization that has helped me, is helping so many other women, and hopes to help thousands more to rediscover their intimate selves. I don’t know where I would be today if I hadn’t had the resources that The Patty Brisben Foundation was able to provide to me. I knew I could ask any question, and they would find the answers that were right for me. The resources and solutions to my intimacy related side effects that I received have made a world of difference in my relationship with my husband. It’s almost like we are newly weds again! All women will go through some of the issues I faced, whether they are experiencing natural or induced menopause. I have even gotten my doctors and my health care team involved in the 

Foundation’s mission.
I was once told that a person had to have passion about what they believed in to truly make a difference. I believe that to be true! I’m passionate about The Patty Brisben Foundation and what they have done for me and the many women like me.
Debbie Booso
Breast Cancer Survivor


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