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Men's Health - E.D.

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Let's switch gears for moment and talk about some Men's Health Issues. I first thing I wanted to cover was Erectile Dysfunction.

What is erectile dysfunction?
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is defined as the inability of a man to maintain a firm erection long
enough to have intercourse (typically defined as 25% of intimate encounters). Occasional occurrences
of ED are not necessarily something to be concerned about. However, if it causes problems
within a relationship or affects a man’s self-esteem, that may be cause for him to visit his health
care provider.

Who does erectile dysfunction affect?
ED can occur at any age, but is most common among older men (research shows that as many as
80% of men 75 years and older experience difficulties with erections).

What causes erectile dysfunction?
In some cases, ED is the first sign of an underlying health condition that may require medical
treatment. These include heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and clogged blood
vessels. Because of this, it is important for a man to visit his health care provider if he has
difficulty with erections. A complete check-up can rule out the possibility of an underlying health
condition. Other causes for ED include:
• Stress
• Anxiety
• Fatigue
• Relationship problems
• Certain medications
• Weight gain
• Tobacco use
• Excessive alcohol use
• Prostate cancer and its treatment
• Multiple sclerosis
• Hormonal disorders (ie: low testosterone)

Is it possible to prevent erectile dysfunction?
There are certain things that men can do to potentially prevent the occasional occurrence of ED,
• Reduce stress
• Exercise regularly
• Lose weight (if obesity is the cause)
• Stop smoking
• Avoid illegal drugs and excessive alcohol use
• Get plenty of sleep
• Visit a health care provider for regular check-ups and health screenings
This is not a guarantee, though, so it is important for a man to speak to his health care provider for
ways that he may be able to prevent ED.

How can a man overcome erectile dysfunction?
There are several treatment options for men experiencing ED. These options may be determined
by the cause and severity of the issue. It is important for a man to speak to his health care
provider to find out what will be best for his situation. Certain medications, including Viagra and
Cialis, are one option for helping to improve erectile function. Men taking these medications must
still engage in sexual stimulation (erections do not just occur on their own). This is not an option
for all men, however, and will vary depending on each person’s medical history and current
health. For men who have testosterone deficiency, hormone replacement therapy is an option.
Counseling or sex therapy may work for some men, especially for men who have relationship
issues as a result of their ED. This is also a good option for men whose ED is caused by stress or

Does Pure Romance offer any products to help with erectile dysfunction?
One of the first products that a man with ED should try is X-Scream, one of Pure Romance’s
arousal creams. X-Scream can help to increase arousal for a man, possibly helping him to get an
erection. X-Scream helps to open blood vessels in the genitals, allowing blood to flow faster to
this area. X-Scream may not work for all men experiencing ED, especially if it is a severe case of
ED or if the problem is caused by an underlying health condition (treatment of that condition will
be necessary). However, an arousal cream is an option for men who cannot or do not want to take
prescription medications. Next, men with ED can use a male stimulator to increase blood flow to
their genitals, helping them to get an erection. (A product like Lavender Lover may work best
because it has more powerful suction than the rest of the male stimulators.) Once a man is able to
get an erection, he could use a c-ring, such as Jelly Tool Belt, to help him maintain it. Jelly Tool
Belt is probably the best option for men experiencing ED because it is very restrictive; the tightness
will help a man to maintain his erection for the duration of intercourse. Be sure to pair Jelly
Tool Belt with a thick, creamy lubricant, such as Whipped or Lickity Stiff (which may be the best
option because of its added sensitizers), and to not wear the c-ring any longer than 30 minutes, or
less if there is any discomfort.


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