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Mastering Foreplay

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"Although not all women orgasm during
intercourse, those that do often find that spending
time in sexually exciting and arousing types of
foreplay can make it easier for them to orgasm
during intercourse."

Why is foreplay helpful for better sex?
If foreplay feels sexually exciting and arousing for a woman, her vagina may be more likely to “tent,” which means that the vagina grows in length and width, thus allowing for more comfortable penetration. (The vagina is only 3-4 inches long when unaroused but grows to about 5-6 inches in length during sexual arousal). Arousal
also enhances a woman’s natural vaginal lubrication response, which can lead to more comfortable, pleasurable sex. The key is finding types of foreplay that feel arousing for a particular woman. Spending time in foreplay can also build arousal to the point where it becomes easier for men to maintain their erections and easier for both women and men to orgasm.

How do I know if the kind of foreplay we’re trying is right?
Ask each other! Some time when you’re not having sex or about to have sex, let your partner know that you’d like to talk about your sex life. Using your own words that feel comfortable to you, say that you’re happy with your sex life and would like to find ways to please each other even more. Specifically, say you’re curious
about what types of foreplay your partner likes: Kissing? Massage? Oral sex? Toy play? Additional clues can be found by paying close attention to how your partner responds during sexual play. Does he or she moan with pleasure more often when you’re engaged in certain types of sex play? Does he or she seem like they can’t
get enough of something fun that you two do?

Can foreplay make it easier for a woman to orgasm?
Yes, yes and Abso lut ely yes! Although not all women orgasm during intercourse, those that do often find that spending time in sexually exciting and arousing types of foreplay can make it easier for them to orgasm during intercourse. Some even find that spending more time in foreplay, building arousal, can make it easier for
them to have multiple orgasms during sex. Although having an orgasm can be a lot of fun and quite satisfying, try to not focus too much on it as a goal. Rather, try to focus on pleasure and enjoyment as part of the sexual experience.

Foreplay Tips
Here are some foreplay ideas to try out – see what feels comfortable or exciting for you and your partner:

• Kiss with your clothes on for at least 10 or 20 minutes or until you both feel extremely turned on.

• Lie in bed and talk for 30 minutes to an hour, with your clothes on, and kiss each other every now and then on the forehead, lips, cheeks or neck.

• Dance together in the kitchen.

• Build a fire and kiss in front of it.

• Use a water-based lubricant (like Sweet Seduction) to massage each other’s genitals. >>>

• Gently run your fingers through your partner’s pubic hair and/or kiss or lick your partner’s inner thighs.

• Use a vibrator on low speed on each
other’s genitals.

• Perform oral sex on each other, with or without a flavored lubricant.

• Use a massage cream to sensuously massage each other’s back, legs or feet (note: if you are using latex condoms, avoid oil-based massage products; the residue on your hands could cause the condoms to break).

• Use a flavored product like Dust Me Pink in five places on your body. Have your partner locate them with his/her tongue.

• Take turns reading a favorite passage from Tickle His Pickle or Tickle Your Fancy to each other.


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