Sunday, May 30, 2010

Low Libido

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What is a low libido?
A person with a low libido (or sexual arousal disorder) is considered to have a low sex drive and
low sexual desire. However, the definition of a low libido is based on each individual person. For
example, if two people in a relationship have little desire to have sex, and both people are comfortable
with this, they may not consider themselves to have a low libido. If a woman has little desire in sex
and it does not bother her, she may not consider herself to have a low libido. Having a low sex drive
becomes an issue if it interferes with a person’s relationship(s) or causes distress to the person.

Who has a low libido?
It has been estimated that millions of women are affected by low libido. Men can also have low
libidos, although it may be less common. A person’s libido can change throughout their life and
can be impacted by various events. For example, losing a family member, a new job, or changing
medications can all affect a person’s libido.

What are the symptoms of a low libido?
The most basic symptom of a low libido is having no desire for sexual activity. A low libido is usually
caused by other issues, such as depression, certain hormonal conditions, stress, or pain during
intercourse. If you think you have a low sex drive and this is not normal for you, it is important to
consult your health care provider to determine the cause for the decrease in sexual desire and to
rule out a serious health issue.

How do I know if I have a low libido?
This is something that you may be able to determine on your own. However, your health care
provider would be able to give you an accurate diagnosis, as well as provide you with information
about treating your low libido.

What are the treatments for a low libido?

If another health issue is causing your low libido, such as depression or stress, treating that disorder
may help to increase your sex drive. Some women use hormone therapy to help increase their
libido, but this can have potentially serious side effects for some women, such as an increased risk
for breast cancer or heart disease. Stress management, exercise, or counseling might also help.
Some women find it helpful to focus on other ways to be intimate with their partner if they are
experiencing a decrease in sexual arousal, such as holding hands or cuddling. This will allow you
to stay close with your partner without engaging in sexual activity until both of you are ready.
Satisfaction is something that you and your partner define and the definition may change over your

What products does Pure Romance offer to help improve my libido?
If you find that you have a decreased libido, you may want to try an arousal cream, such as Ex-TCee,
Nympho Niagra, or X-Scream. It is also important to use a water-based vaginal lubricant each
time you engage in sexual activity. Try Just Like Me or Sweet Seduction, which are both gentle and
non-irritating. You can also talk to your Pure Romance Consultant or visit our Web site for more
information about your libido and which products may be right for you


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