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A Low Libido: Hard to Talk About, Simple to Treat

Posted by Meghan at 11:22 AM
by Lori Beeler
Women and men alike listen up. Not only do men experience a low libido now and then, but women do also. So, men do not think that your spouse is not attracted to you if she does not feel like making love. Most of the problems with a low sex drive can be caused by many things, and a lot of them can be treated.

The first thing that can decrease your libido is being ill, tired, or in pain. Or your mind may be consumed with other medical worries. Once everything is over, your libido should return to normal. If it does not then consult your doctor.

Second there are emotional issues that can trigger a low sex drive. If you are worried about things at work, financial matters, or had someone close to you pass away then all of these can cause a less than normal sex drive. Again, consult your doctor if your libido does not return to normal when things have settled down.

Third is the issue of performance anxiety. You are worried about what your partner is going to think. Or for some women who suffer from vaginal dryness you may avoid sex because it hurts.

Now one of the real culprits in a woman is hormones. As a woman's testosterone levels (yes, women produce testosterone also) decrease, so does her sex drive. By age 50 a woman's testosterone levels are half of what they were at age 25.

A woman's worry about her body image may also play a role in a low libido. Worries about gray hair, weight gain, wrinkles, or other problems with the body may decrease a woman's sex drive dramatically.

Biological causes can also reduce a woman's sex drive (men's also). If someone has Parkinson's or diseases of the adrenal, thyroid, and pituitary glands, they will sometimes have a less than normal sex drive. Also, certain medications can also be a cause. Check with your doctor about the medications you are taking.

Getting help for a low sex drive may be as uncomplicated as talking to your doctor.

A simple change in the dosage of a medication you are taking, or changing the medication itself, can help to boost the libido.

Getting treatment for things such as vaginal dryness can relieve pain and get the sex drive back on track.

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