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Introducing Sex Toys into a Relationship

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by Petra Zebroff

Introducing Sex Toys into a Relationship
Ah, new relationships -- blissful -- yet they can be tricky.
You've got to ask yourself all of those important questions, like: "whose house to sleep at tonight?" "when should he/she meet my parents?" And of course, "how do I introduce my new partner to my favorite vibrator?" Your sex toys may have become your tried and true friends. Outlasting most of your relationships and definitely keeping you company when you are sans partner. So here are some suggestions to help the introductions go smoothly.

Start Slow
Don't scare him or her off by worshipping your toy. It is more important to be focused on your partner than an inanimate object. After a few rewarding sessions of sex without the help of a sex toy start considering how you might broach the subject. Many partners are intrigued if not turned on by the use of sexual enhancements but don't make any assumptions.

Bringing it up
You can easily figure out how your partner feels about toy use by dropping a few hints or asking point blank. Have they ever used toys before? If so, what kind? Opening a dialogue can help take the guesswork out of it. Creating a sense of openness about sexuality in general will help to create a safe environment to explore. Rather than dropping the bomb while he/she is reading the morning paper, leave some erotica out or suggest an adult movie where toys are used. The Many Joys of Sex Toys is a subtle or not so subtle suggestion.

If there is some resistance on your partners part, negotiate an agreement. There are the occasional people who take offense to their partner using a toy. It may be a matter of slowly incorporating them into toy use as a couple or just agreeing to disagree and still using toys for masturbation without your partner. If this concern comes up it is important to let your partner know that your toy is not a threat to him/her or your relationship.

Get it out in the open.
Shop for a new toy together There may be an assumption that old toys = use with old partners. So plan a shopping spree. You can shop online together.  This way you are both involved.


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