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Intimacy After Childbirth

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Intimacy After Childbirth: Sexual Activity and Pregnancy

Worries about safety during pregnancy are common. What will happen if I have an orgasm? Will the thrusting of the penis harm the baby? Might sexual activity cause a miscarriage? Are there any products I can’t use during pregnancy? Is sexual activity safe during pregnancy?

There is no medical evidence that suggests that sexual activity during pregnancy does any harm whatsoever. The only times you are likely to be advised against having sex are:

• If you have had a tendency to miscarry, your health care provider might suggest that you avoid intercourse for the first three months, or at the times during those months when your period would normally have been due, as your hormone levels may be at their lowest then.

• If you have a history of premature labor, you might choose to avoid intercourse during the later stages of pregnancy.

• If you have a low-lying placenta, your health care provider may suggest you avoid intercourse. The baby is very well protected by the muscular walls of the uterus, by the bag of water, which has a cushioning effect, and by the mucus plug which seals off the neck of the uterus. No injury will occur during gentle, loving intercourse.

What will happen if I orgasm while I’m pregnant?
Women often experience mild contractions during arousal and orgasm, but these contractions are not powerful enough to start labor unless it is imminent. While sex won’t start labor unless the woman’s body is ready, nipple stimulation and intercourse are natural ways to help induce labor in late pregnancy if your baby is overdue. Semen can soften the cervix, and hormones released by nipple stimulation encourage the uterus to contract.

Are intimate enhancement products safe to use during pregnancy?
It is best to always check with your health care provider before using any new products during a pregnancy. Usually, mild products are best to use while pregnant, including water-based lubricants, such as Just Like Me and Sweet Seduction.


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