Friday, June 11, 2010

7 Function Remote Bullet Review

Posted by Meghan at 11:24 AM
I was very excited to receive this 7 Function Remote bullet in the mail from CalExotics to review. I was planning on getting one myself so it came just in time. It comes in a package that is classy compared to most toy packages. It has a couple on the front dress for a ball. Which oddly enough is what I think about when I think of the Remote Bullets. Walking around a swanky party while my husband holds the remote. Maybe more of a fantasy I guess. They box lets you know everything you need to decide on this product. It's waterproof, and the picture shows actual size and that it has the Velvet-Cote soft feel to it.

After taking this toy out I got even more excited. it comes with the batteries a 12v and 8 watch batteries. After skimming through the directions that came with it I got the 4 watch batteries installed (the rest are extras). It was just a battery compartment that fits them perfectly so putting them in all at once with the plastic on worked just fine. But going back to the toy later it wasn't working so we attempted to take the plastic off of the batteries for a better connection. That didn't work either. Found out that the batteries die SUPER fast even in the off position. So (with the plastic still on) we used the second set and it worked just fine. So if your struggling with the batteries trying installing with the plastic still on the batteries. But make sure to take out the batteries out after you use it because the toy will not work. I hate that.

The Bullet is about 3" from tip to tip. Which part of that is the transmission cord that receives the signal. The circumference is 3 3/4" so it's a nice size bullet. One I don't feel like I'm going to loose. I also like the feel of this toy. It's an ABS Plastic with the Velvet-Cote on it. So soft to the touch. Phthalate Free and easy to clean with warm water and soap or your basic toy cleaner. There is a retrieval cord (says so on the box) but bullets really shouldn't be inserted vaginally, only used externally. The cord itself is used to retrieve the signal though so if your holding onto it it might disrupt the signal.

My husband stole the remote ,after getting the 12v battery installed, before I had a chance to even look at it and find each function. After chasing him down I got to check out the remote which has an antenna that pulls out like the old radios used to have. This was actually my favorite part of the 7 Function Remote Bullet. The remote screams I mean business! Love it. The remote has 4 buttons. A power button a "+ \ -" button for speeds and an "F" button for the functions. It also has a light on it that flashes to let you know the transmission was set to the bullet. This bullet has 7 different speeds starting on low and going higher as you press the "+" button. The low is a nice low so you can imagine that the high was quite strong. Moving into the different functions:

1. is a mind of its own. It starts low and then goes one step higher, then another higher then quickly drops back down to the low setting.

2. this one starts high and then slowly lowers to a dull vibe then back up.

3. is a medium steady pulsation

4. is a little faster pulsation

5. this one starts with a medium pulsation and builds to a stronger pulsation (my favorite) three short pulses with a long pulse at the end. ^^^---------
7. the last is the boring steady vibrations
After trying each setting out we started to test the "range" on this remote. Holding the bullet NOT THE CORD we were able to use this product all over the house. With clothes on and off and under a thick comforter. After reading others reviews I'm amazed they couldn't get it to work properly! We have a two story house and we were on opposite side of the house and it worked great! The product is supposed to work up to 26 feet away. We actually got it to work even further. We aren't even done experimenting with distance on this toy yet. But since this toy isn't a discreet toy I might get myself in trouble! ;)

I really enjoyed this toy, it will be a great in masturbation along with using with a partner. Especially if your partner it the one with the remote! The 7 functions keeps it interesting and the fact we were able to use it across our house was as well. I would definitely recommend a remote bullet if your trying to spice things up with your partner.


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